Villas Types, Accommodations in Mangala Estate Boutique Resort


Nestled within enchanting grounds, Mangala Estate Boutique Resort presents a splendid collection of 67 villas, each adorned with a distinctive name that embodies its unique character and essence.

Sara Villa

The name "Sara" has various interpretations in Sanskrit, representing elements of nature such as flow, air, earth, rain, or hills/mountains.

Jala Villa

Jala means "Water" in Sanskrit, beautifully embodies the essence of these ten stilted villas. Just as water gracefully flows and envelops the landscape, our Jala Villas offer a calming experience in nature's soothing embrace.

Vana Villa

Vana means "forest" or "woodland” in Sanskrit. Vana Villas offer breathtaking lake views, with a lush backdrop of palm forests.

Amani Villa

Amani means "without pride" or "humble" in Sanskrit. Amani Villa is a hallmark to contemporary design, seamlessly blending modern sophistication with timeless allure.

2-Bedroom Villa

The 2-Bedroom Villa is aptly named to capture the essence of cherished family moments.

Bungalow Villa

Bungalow Villa is specifically designed to host larger family sizes, comfortably accommodating more than 12 guests.